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From concept and design with engineering to installation and employee training
evolution Engineered Permanent Horizontal Lifeline systems

NO CHARGE we will come to your site and make a complete evaluation for fall arrest requirements and design a fall protections safety system to meet your needs & budget! Contact us.                         (some conditions may apply)

Accredited DBI SALA Evolution installer

International Safety Standards (CSA Z 259.1 6 - EN795 classe C – ANSI Z 359.1 - AS/ NZ S1 891 .4 part 2 & 4 ) .

evolut1.jpg (7415 bytes) This Engineered Evolution Horizontal Lifeline system can be designed for up to 5 workers safely at any one time. Fall Protection Horizontal Cable Lifelines or Fall Arrest Horizontal Cable Lifelines are possible the safest way for workers to travel from one point to another. The Horizontal Lifeline allows for multiple workers to maintain building structures, wash windows, repair windows and general maintenance. Cost effectiveness is the greatest attraction to employers and building owners, this means that workers can be tied off at all times while conducting work related tasks easily and safely.
evolut12.jpg (29588 bytes) As the central part of the EVOLUTION lifeline,  the Evolution Fall Protection shuttle accompanies the user along the lifeline, smoothly passing the intermediate brackets. With its unique spherical shape, the specific design of the openings, and the incorporation of two pairs of rollers it has exceptional ability to slide along the line to the point that the passage of intermediate brackets and curves is imperceptible (even when used with a retractable fall arrester device).

The automatic locking system of   the Evolution Fall Arrest shuttle eliminates any possibility of incorrect manipulation during connection to the cable. Its spherical shape means that it is easy to grip and can be opened one handed (double safety lock) while also providing it with excellent resistance to shock.

evolut13.jpg (19995 bytes)  

Forming an intermediate support, the intermediate bracket positions the lifeline cable. It can be installed in many different configurations (on the ground, at various heights on the wall, etc.) and at regular intervals, to ensure the optimum distribution of forces along the lifeline. It is shaped specifically so as to allow the automatic passage of the shuttle without the user ever having to disconnect from the lifeline. It also makes it easier to incorporate the lifeline into the building thanks to a new original element: a protection cover guaranteeing that the anchorage points are tamper-proof while improving the overall aesthetics of the system. In the eventuality of a fall occurring, the EVOLUTION intermediate bracket deform under the force and acts as an energy dissipater and a fall indicator. This helps reduce the fall impact force and the risks of incorrect use. The chosen materials (stainless steel, anti-UV polymer) guarantee the long life and durability of the-- shuttle and the intermediate bracket.

evolut7.jpg (14831 bytes)

End Anchor for the evolution Fall Arrest system

High strength thanks to the ideal distribution of forces at each attaching point. The multi-directional articulation gives the end anchorage the same strength whatever the axis of the cable. The triple-attachment anchorage is versatile and can be used on the wall or on the floor or overhead. The specific shape and mobility of the anchorage allow the automatic alignment of the lifeline cable. Modern design incorporated easily into any type of building. Compatible with all the Sala end brackets and absorbers.

To ensure the optimum anchorage of the evolution lifeline, Sala has developed an articulated anchorage with three attaching points, aligning accurately with the cable whatever the direction or angle, to allow consistent distribution of forces at each attaching point. The end anchorages are required to take up the greatest forces in case of fall which is why their design and construction makes no concessions. The central articulation means that it can be used in any configuration (wall, floor, post, overhead) and the type of solicitation (shearing or pulling away). Evolution triple attachment anchorages are compact and discreet fitting in harmoniously with a metal building or structure. Epoxy finish (in a wide range of colours) is also available on request.

evolut8.jpg (6425 bytes) Standard 90 degree curve for the evolution fall protection system can be raised off roof structures to avoid snow and ice from covering them evolut9.jpg (13647 bytes) 90 degree Overhead curve enables workers to travel almost any structure using the evolution fall protection horizontal cable system
evolut5.jpg (8577 bytes)

Swaged termination done on site during installation

To guarantee a faultless link between the cable and the anchorage points, SALA has opted for swaging as a technical and safety solution that preserves the full strength of the cable at its connection with the end parts. Integrated into a tensioner or simply fitted with a clevis, the EVOLUTION end parts are installed by professionals using specially calibrated tools. Swaging guarantees a definitive and unchangeable connection.

evolut6.jpg (1795 bytes)

End tensioner

Definitive swaging guaranteeing faultless safety at the link to the cable. Easy and fast installation, compatible with all Sala end parts. Possibility of adjusting the pre-tensioning of the lifeline (tensioner). No loss of strength at the connection to the cable. Choice of materials to ensure long life and durability (stainless steel).


evolut10.jpg (5073 bytes)

Shock Absorber limits the loads applied to both the structure and the users during a fall on the evolution fall arrest system

Integrated LEAP absorber : guarantees the smoothing out of forces to a predetermined value. Triggering and absorption level adjustable (in the factory) for specific applications. High absorption capacity of more than +60% compared to traditional absorbers. Cable tension display window. Wide cable tension adjustment range. Monobloc, protection housing and force indicator. Choice of materials to ensure long life and durability (stainless steel, anti-UV polymer). Supports several falls without any loss of performance. Through swaging: guarantees complete swaging for optimum safety. 

DBI SALA Evolution incorporates an energy absorption system of a resolutely new design. It is equipped with the LEAP (Linear Energy Absorption Product) system allowing the precise and linear adjustment of the absorber triggering value and absorption threshold. Protecting the structure, taking up the forces at the anchorage points and guaranteeing the safety of the workers are the goals for the development of this new type of energy absorber. In case of a fall, the LEAP system guarantees constant absorption of forces in a predefined range. The maximum value of the forces permissible along the lifeline is calculated by means of software dedicated to evolution. Depending on the constraints represented by the buildings, the activation value and the absorption threshold can be optimized during the production process. The considerable energy dissipating capacity of the evolution high capacity absorber means that it is capable of handling several falls simultaneously while maintaining the forces on the building below a threshold of 10 kN (2250 lb/ft). Its compact design also includes a window displaying the tension on the cable as well as an end clevis compatible with all the evolution anchorage points. Swaged definitively to the cable the absorber is installed at the beginning or end of the line, or if necessary at both ends, depending on the results obtained with the evolution calculation software.

evolut11.jpg (21859 bytes) This evolution post can be mounted to a metal deck roof for air conditioning mechanics and other roof top equipment users that need fall protection

DBI SALA Evolution offers solutions that are ideally adapted to the installation of lifelines on all kinds of industrial roofs (trapezoidal panels, standing seam, membrane etc.) thanks to a combination of post and bases that are easily installed on every type of roof without affecting the integrity of their structure in any way. Integrating LEAP (Linear Energy Absorption Product) guarantees constant absorption of forces through a predefined range. The main objective is to reduce the forces at the anchorage points so as to protect the structure. Because of their high energy dissipating capability, it is advisable to install LEAP system absorbing posts in the lifeline at the ends and on the curves. However, use at intermediate points is also possible when the installation calls for a major reduction of the forces. Simulation using the Evolution calculation software is indispensable for controlling strength levels and clearances. The evolution post consists of two parts : a post (with LEAP energy absorption or of the tilting type) and a base attached to most modern roofs. As necessary, the post can be equipped with an anchorage point, an intermediate bracket or a curve. Posts are installed directly to the metal panel roofs quickly, easily and without any drilling into the roof (thus avoiding any problems of waterproofing and thermal bridging). It does not require any connection to the building structure.



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