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Engineered Horizontal Lifeline CSA Approved

Turn Key Flexible Horizontal Lifeline Solutions At An Affordable Price

Dealer - Contractor - Government Prices Available

Sayfglida Engineered Horizontal Lifelines

Accredited Installations Throughout America, Canada


316 stainless steel


12mm (0.472”) diameter

7 strands X 7 wires per strand

Right hand ordinary lay


0.366 lbs per lineal foot

Breaking strength

> 18,600 lbs


Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System


The Sayfglida® horizontal lifeline system is a low tension, multi-span lifeline used for fall protection on elevated horizontal surfaces. The Sayfglida® system is fully engineered and will allow users to traverse from one extremity to another in a truly "hands-free" environment.

  • Sayflink Sleeve - provides hands-free bypass of the intermediates and maximum freedom of movement, allows user to attach to or detach from the lifeline at any point along the system.

  • Engineered System - computer fall analysis program calculates worst case fall scenarios, number of uses will be dependent on the application.

  • Stainless Steel Components - reduces premature weakening from corrosion and maintains strength and durability.

  • Intermediate Brackets -  available in many different configurations to suit your specific work environment including corner units which allow the lifeline to traverse up to 90 degree corners.

  • Energy Absorbing Design - In the event of a fall, the system reduces the force applied to the user to under 900 lbs.

  • Lifeline Construction - 1/2" diameter cable reduces deflection of cable during fall and allows longer distances between spans.

  • Engineered Anchor Points - a series of "StrongArm™ Anchoring Frames" have been developed when applications are such that existing anchor points are not available.

    • Standard inverted "L" and "T" shaped designs available, pre-engineered and designed for cost savings.

    • Custom building mounted designs are available to suit specific job site requirements.

    • Fully engineered and designed to withstand a worst-case fall as well as meeting all clearance requirements.

Railcar, Truck, Overhead Bridge Cranes, Exposed Walkways, Aircraft Hangers, Arenas-Rigging, Warehouse Distribution, Piperacks

Sayfglida® is the world’s most advanced horizontal lifeline system available, providing unrivaled levels of protection. The system utilizes a patented Sayflink® sleeve that slides easily over intermediate anchorage brackets and around corner brackets hands-free, with no manipulation required by the user. Install the system above, even with, or below the user. Total length is unlimited for ultimate versatility.

Exclusive Computerized Fall Analysis Program

During initial development, DBI/SALA commissioned the design of a sophisticated computer program to simulate any specified fall on any given Sayfglida® installation. Unlike ALL other manufacturers’ programs which “predict” system loads, DBI/SALA’s software measures actual falls in “real time,” based on thousands of drop tests. It provides detailed information for use by a Certified Installer to custom-design each system specifically to the site. This unique computer software not only calculates the loading imposed on each system component and anchorage point, but also the arresting force and fall clearance needed by the worker. These calculations are critical and must be based on actual test data to ensure worker safety, not guesses or predictions.

Intermediate Brackets:

Manufactured from stainless steel, the Multi- Dimensional Intermediate Brackets are designed for installation in a variety of orientations above, even with, or below the user. This versatility ensures the Sayflink® Sleeve will always smoothly bypass the bracket, whatever the particular height of the cable installation. More importantly, should a fall occur, the brackets are designed not only to swivel on the anchoring bolt but also to deform in shape. This helps dissipate the energy generated by a fall and ensures minimal shock loads imposed on the user, limits line deflection, and allows for a reduction in anchorage point strength requirements.

Shock Absorber:

For structures limited in strength, the Sayfglida® system can be configured with our in-line Zorbit™ energy absorber to limit forces and help control the end anchor loads.

Swageless End Termination:

For final assembly, one end of the system is pre-swaged in the factory; the other is fixed into position with a stainless steel swageless termination using small hand tools. The swageless end fitting eliminates the need for a cumbersome swaging machine, saving time and money. Once installed, the system is then tensioned using the in-line tensioner.

Detachable Sayflink® Sleeve:

The patented Sayflink® Sleeve, when attached to a harness and lanyard/self-retracting lifeline, ensures a user-positive contact with the Sayfglida® system because of its ability to bypass all intermediate brackets and corner units. Chamfered helical surfaces provide smooth passage along the system with no manipulation required by the user (hands-free operation!). Built-in rollers assist in the effortless movement, and it can be easily attached or removed anywhere along the system. Constructed of stainless steel and with no moving parts, the Sayflink® Sleeve is ideal for harsh environments. A non-detachable model for use with in-line entry/exit units is also available.

Corner Bracket:

Passage around curves is achieved through use of a Corner Bracket, a bent tube attached to an intermediate bracket to properly position the cable. It allows the Sayflink® Sleeve to bypass corners hands-free without the user detaching from the lifeline.



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